Road Trip!
Colorado!! (And Adam's first time in the Rockies! How exciting!)
We were in Colorado Springs, so we stopped by the Air Force Academy.
It's Pikes Peak! -->
Sometimes I manage to meet strange and interesting new friends...
Coffee from the Donut Mill -
makes Woodland Park THAT much better!!
View from Wilkerson Pass, Colorado. Elevation: 9507 feet.
Climbing makes me feel like I'm one of th cool kids.
Adam is just showing off because the altitude didn't bother him at all.
View of South Park and the Continental Divide.
"C" is for cookie... and coffee, and constant driving, and Colorado!!
Twin Lakes, Colorado
Independence Pass, Colorado. Elevation: 12,095 feet. (Whew!)
The view from Independence Pass.
Hanging out up at the pass enjoying the thin air.
I spotted this when it was still driving up the mountain. Adam didn't
believe that it was actually a Ferrari until he saw it parked in front of him.
Western Colorado