Road Trip Part 2

Shoshone Falls, Idaho
The falls stand 212 feet high
(That's higher than Niagara Falls!)
Road Trip!
We took a road trip from Idaho to Wisconsin to visit my parents.
It took 3 days to drive 1,850 miles!
(August 2009)

The rest of the canyon
Driving through Salt Lake City.
I hate to insult Utah, but its a really boring state!
(Sorry Sam!)

Antelope waiting for the train in Wyoming

The beauty of Iowa at 5AM. These photos were taken on a small country highway near our friend Kenny's farm just north of I-80.
This is what happens when Adam and I are in a car together for three days... making faces and picking noses... gross!
Crossing the Mighty Mississippi on our way into Illinois.
Adam got himself all
dressed up in his BDUs
to impress my parents.
He didn't think they
would let him marry me
The Great State of Wisconsin welcomes you!