Day 4 - Portland!
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Washington Park near downtown Portland
home of the Hoyt Arboretum, Japanese Gardens, Rose Gardens...
a war memorial, the Oregon Zoo, the Pittock mansion and estate...
...Aaaaaand a lot of really, REALLY big trees!
Downtown Portland as seen from Washington Park
The trek downhill to the Japanese Gardens.
The cultivated and the wild.
Adam and his new friend Monty.
The Pittock Mansion
view of the harbor from the Pittock Estate
Hiking trails on the Pittock Estate
The Pittock's Living Room
Adam is afraid of rich people's ghosts... or something.
The gates to Chinatown, Portland
The bridges of Portland... well, some of them.
Henry Pittock was born in England, moved to Pennsylvania and
crossed America by wagon train all before the age of 19.
He worked for, and then took ownership of the Oregonian - Portland's
newspaper - but also had his hand in real estate, mining, railroads, etc...
"He who sits down, never reaches the top."
~Henry Lewis Pittock~