Oregon or BUST!
Day 1 - driving through Idaho and Oregon
and Day 2 - exploring the Oregon rain forest
We have a love/hate relationship with Idaho. On the one hand, its nice to live in a semi-arid
climate. There's fewer bugs, plenty of sunshine, and the winters are mild. However, the other
hand holds the one main drawback - everything is brown-ish.
The trails were so pretty. We saw a bunch of little waterfalls, wildflowers, moss (everywhere)...
The first little part of Eastern Oregon isn't much better...
And finally, one of Portland's crown jewels: Mount Hood.
Suddenly, we found ourselves facing the Blue Mountains.
Aaaaand driving over the pass. Whew!
(Not easy if you get any kind of altitude sickness - but we made it.)
The name is appropriate considering people crossed it in wagons:
Dead Man's Pass (Pioneers were some kind of crazy!)
Apparently this bit of mountain was in the way.
McMenamins Edgefield in Troutdale, Oregon
Our first night in Oregon was spent in this hotel. This picture isn't exactly what it looks like now -
it was taken back during the 1930's when the property was used as a poor farm.
However, it was bought by the McMenamins company and is now used as a hotel, brewery, winery and distillery.
It houses several restaurants and bars, a golf course, a vineyard, lots of walking trails, and pretty comfy beds.
(Oh, and the picture to the right is one of many murals to be found painted on any random wall inside.)
We decided to go explore the northern
outskirts of Portland.
Everything was green!!
Oregon (part 2)
Adam enjoying the McMenamins porches
and Adam is certain he spotted Sasquatch!