Adam and Naomi
If you don't know these fine people, here are the quick facts:
Occupation: SSgt in the Air Force
General Description: Brilliant
Prominent Physical Feature: Ginger Hair
Fun Fact: People often ask him, "Do I know you?"
Side Note: He has fantastic taste in music
Just in case you haven't heard the story already:

May 8, 2009. Naomi had just finished finals and was looking forward to a weekend that didn't revolve
around books. She grabbed her guitar and headed downtown to play a few tunes. Adam was in Boise
for the weekend to run the 5K and happened to be walking down the right street at the right time. No
one will ever know exactly what was running through his head at that moment, but he looked at her and
said, "I like your shoes." (She was, of course, wearing a pair of classic Chuck Taylors.) He was lucky
enough to get her phone number and the rest (as they say) is history...
Wedding Information
Occupation: Student, Musician, and Librarian
General Description: Loud
Prominent Physical Feature: Big Feet
Fun Fact: Current champion of "the movie game"
Side Note: Loves books (and owns too many)